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Ajalon - On The Threshold Of Eternity lyrics

Here I lay
With nothing but broken heart
I gaze across this wasteland that I've made
Locked in this prison, this fortress of my own design
I'd leave in an instant, if I were not so afraid
I look for some reason, in childhood's heady days
Some explanation, ah, the fortunes of war
Now I stare in the mirror, the face of a traitor
And through the shifting fog comes a truth I'd failed to see before..

Dearest one, Oh my sweet child
I never wanted you to face this dark day
Please realize, won't you understand
I never left you, it was you who walked away

The world spins around, so it goes without mercy
I wait for the end - gone - and no one will know
Somewhere inside, a little boy struggles
The wall collapses, and the tears begin to flow

Child I know, how it feels to be laid bare
Poured out like water, dispised and alone
I've made a way, were once there was no pa**age
You can be set free from all you've done
What have you to loose?

This frightened child, creeps behind the shattered walls
Stepping gingerly around the shards of broken gla**
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To find a corner in the dark and wait for rescue
Or at the worst for the conqueror to come
I cannot move, I cannot Breathe, and I'm so tired
Oh God you must be there, I have nothing left
I have nothing left, and I can't fight anymore
Please help me!

Come to me
I will give you rest
I will take your burden, and comfort you
I will give you, beauty for your ashes
Mourn no more. Come, take my hand

What is this, my eyes do not see?
Yet my heart is alive and it trembles within me
One name escapes my trembling lips
And the light tears the darkness that surrounded me

What are you waiting for? Child arise!

Alive I stand unsteady at first
Like an eaglet with yet untried wings
But the power and freedom that shouts within me
Pushes me out to see this shining thing
Through the threshold and into your birth
With unrestrained thanks again I cry
In this new light pure and perfect
I lift my head
I spread my wings and I fly

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