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Ajalon - Sword of Goliath lyrics

It seems Ive been running forever
I just can't go on another day
The words I once trusted are useless
The strength in my body fades away
My fear clings like heat in the desert
And strikes at my heals like a snake
Father I need your a**istance
I dont know how much more I can take

Dont be afraid my son, for I am with you
I will lead you to a perfect place
I will defend you in your day of trouble
I will cover you inside my grace

I come to a place of refreshment
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A station of safety and rest
I pray for a bread sent from Heaven
My need won't be filled from any less
My God gives the sword of Goliath
And feeds me on manna divine
The weapon once used to destroy me
Will now serve to take back what is mine


The serpent, who filled me with sorrow
Is no longer an object of dread
I go to his camp with vengeance
And retreat in the night with his head


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