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Ahlsocrazi - Desert Eagles, Body Armor, Pukers and Tweakers (Luke, See The Light) lyrics

[What is truth when time is an illusion?]

Alright (Heh heh)
I just had all these dreams in my head, you know?
These visions
I, uh, I went back to the past and I gave Lady Gaga Jezebel, a golden desert eagle
It was in Afghanistan in 2003
She's gonna be angry
She's gonna be angry
We were on a mission to liberate one of the G.O.A.T. soldiers, the experiments
Marshall Mathers was his name
I knew him well
He was about 16 (Aarosphere Years)
See, at the time we'd been selected as government representatives
It was our duty to serve this nation to the best of our ability
I just never foresaw it going wrong the way it did
Stefani, she was a loving soul
She was a loving soul
She wanted nothing but the best for the world
It just ended the way it did
And Marshall (Oh Ho)
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Marshall, Marshall, Marshall, Marshall, Marshall
Never would have known he'd have walked away in infamy
In infamy
But I knew that when he handed down the torch, it was my responsibility to move forward
To go, to let out the hurt
Not just for Kim
Not just for [Redacted]
No, for their families
Yes, it was a tragic, tragic incident
But it was a directive from the mind of the Hive
There was nothing we could do
So on that day, we buried her
We buried her
We buried her
You know, the pain comes so much to bear
Sometimes, there are no more tears and you just accept what is
You accept what is
I know I was Judas
And I know you forgave me
Nathan, we buried her

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