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Ahlsocrazi - Babymaker, Heartbreaker, Lovetaker, Soulshaker lyrics

[Intro - Ahlsocrazi]

Mmmmm, yeah, mmmmm, heh heh
I'm a babymaker, hearttaker, soulshaker, dickbreaker
And I can still make that pa**ionate baby, baby

[Verse 1 - Ahlsocrazi]:

What the words were supposed to be
Was that I was a babymaker, heartbreaker, lovetaker, soulshaker
I think I might have already said that, but that's alright with me because that is that and that is that
Alright let's do a story, I'm on camera, so I'm just gonna let it flow and feel that action
That action
That action (Hah hah)
That action, action
Lights camera action, this is my story
My name is not a guy named Rory, that's another guy from Echo Lake that just came out of my birthday cake
And I'm gonna spin him around in a big black vat of iration, iration, iration, iration
Change the station
One world nation is where we want to be
And where I'm gonna see that is everything that I'm gonna be
And I kinda flipped on rewind with the thoughts
Back in time to 1995
In the forest, come alive
I feel my jive
This is my jive
This is my jive
This is my jive (Yeah)
This is my jive
This is my jive (Yeah, hah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2 - Ahlsocrazi]:

I'm just gonna let the camera flow
24/7 yo
And if you see a part of my life, then I guess that's okay tonight
Because it's who I'm gonna be
And what I'm gonna do
So you're just gonna let it go and be you (Oh)
Alright now how long is this song gonna go
It's gonna keep flowing very long, very long, very longer and longer
I'm addicted to you
I'm addicted to you
Girl (Hah)
And I am not thinking about the people standing behind me
Looking at me wondering what they're going to see next
Because that's just what I am
I am the next guy that's gonna move forward
Gonna move forward
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One world order
One world order (Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh)

[The Snag - Ahlsocrazi]:

I am an Illuminati
And I am not naughty
Because that's just shoddy to be that way
No, I'm a nice guy today
But, tomorrow I may be bad
And maybe it will be a story about your dad and me
Having a little bit of homos**uality (Hah)
See, I can say that and be comfortable in my skin
Because I don't give two f**s if anybody thinks I'm gay
Or if it's true or not, because I'm the only one that knows the answer to that, my friend
And that's hot
Because it means that I could be s**ing a D
And you think that's gay, well you just better keep on following (Ugh, huh, ugh, huh)
Yeah, ugh, yeah, ugh, yeah, yeah, yeah

[The Rip Cord - Ahlsocrazi]:

I'm the gayest gangster that you ever knew
And I'm floating around in a cloud during World War 2
And I'm jumping out in a parachute to come down and run around
I can't think of a name of a song
That happened in 1951
That doesn't matter because World War 2 ended in 1945
And I think you are feeling my jive
Come alive, hive, come alive
This is the story of a man named Aaron, Aaron, Double A-Ron and I know that I'm on
Cloud 9
Cloud 9
Like the video game team (Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh)
Grabbing my balls out
s**ing them around (What the f**? Hah)
Alright, that's really gay, and that means I'm happy, anyway
And I know that I'm gonna flow and you can feel the pa**ion, yo
Because it's burning in my soul, and I, I know (Ugh)
I know
I know
I know

[Impact - Ahlsocrazi]:

People thought Jesus was gay
And he just may have been
Because you never read about him and his 12 disciples (Ick!)
That's a decanonized book of the Clafic Church
And I just totally whipped around that word and stuck it in a barrel of turds

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