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Agony (CA) - d**h By Suffocation In A Vagina lyrics

Here I stand in front on my nightmare,
I can't stand this Agony!
What my mother did to me,
For all my life I'll resent here!
Born and die inside of her,
She thinks it was good for me!
A punition of this seventy,
Choosing for me my destiny!

Mother, what have I done to you?
Don't ask me,

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When you bring me into this room,
Fear and pain inside of you!
Want to show me what was true,
Violating my soul to please you!

Spreading your legs in front of me,
Licking and s**ing your insanity!
Pushing my head through your spasm,
Until I lead you to an orgasm!

Dead from your love,
You think it was good to me!
How as I die you cry for me!

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