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Agonizer - Cain The Slayer lyrics

First of all I never knew it would be so easy
Second of all I always knew there's no forgiveness
After all I've done there's really no option for me
Now I realize my life is gonna change

For those deeds I was crusified and court
there where lies
Maybe devil looked at me and he laughed
twisted my mind
But you where always in my way
and denied my life

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And the seventh son will never rise upon
I'll never gain the place my brother's gone
Abel I'm praying for you please forgive my sin
I'll never gain the place my brother's gone

Now my master I've made the quest
thy will is glorified
I'm beyond of help
For second I am Cain the Slayer, brother-k**er
Now I'm yours to find
And it's so cold in here,
and it's so dark in here

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