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Agonize The Serpent - Cloak And Dagger lyrics

Another target to end
The agonizing moment when your life will descend

Under a Serpents Oath

I dare you pull the trigger
I'll put a knife down your throat

Hunting you down
Where two worlds collide

Darkness approaching
Nowhere to hide

Bow for your enemy
The calm before the storm of the century

In the blink of an eye
Destination: Demise

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Blood has been shed
Now we sing for the dead

The royal bodies decay
Betraying the restless
Scavenge their graves

Blood makes the angels mourn
Crawling trough ashes in shadows we're born

The devil breathes down your neck
Run for your life, a god can't protect

From d**h and damnation
Retaliation, murder, perfection

You wash the blood of your hands
But we have foreseen it, we knew of your plans

As light fades away
The verdict is final, there's no more to say

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