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Agnus Dei (MX) - The Dream of Secret Reason lyrics

Sleeping, demonized I lay
Laughing and talking with skeletons,
While two courtesans play with the fate of mankind…
Lady fortune, who never gives a smile;
Lady d**h, whose smile nobody dares to see.

I've traveled in the shoulders of giants,
Reflecting of past and future days,
Calling nameless ghosts to lead me
In this journey across the abyss.
I follow the path of darkness' spirits
To see the seven gates of the underworld
Through the dream of the secret reason.
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Awaiting, possessed, I see
Falling and dying thy messengers
Whose wings of light will never fly again
And the horned gods of Babylon rise
At the time of my infinite trip.

I've signed covenants of mortals,
I've felt the hellish breeze
From that place where martyrs live,
Among the purgatory's defleshed souls;
Ethereal witches pay the price
And the bargeman took the course
Through the dream of the secret reason

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