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Aggressive Force - Leading The Way lyrics

You love your race and you love your kin
National Socialist since you did begin
Your values no compromise
You stood up against a white demise
Always putting your life on the line
Never leaving your brothers behind
Built up now they can't knock us down
While we wage this battle against the brown
We lead the way, to victory
We lead the way, with white supremacy
We lead the way, with a battle flag in hand
We lead the way, for every proud white man!
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Hatred and anger have a place
But always remember when it's in your face
There's a higher calling for folk, family and kin
Don't be stuck in jail when the race war begins
We have all chosen a life we won't stray from
We're ready for the race war that is soon to come
Your ready to fight your ready to die
You have loyalties ZOG cannot buy
We'll grow stronger with true white ties
We don't hang out with sh** we'll collect no flies
True white skinheads with all our might
True white skinheads we'll win the fight!

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