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Aggressive Force - Closet Coward lyrics

You see me on the street
And you put your head down
On my racial politics
Upon you frown
You don't understand
And you never will
I try to talk to you
But you're ignorant still
You live your life, with your head in the sand
You can't stand up, you're not a man
It's time to wake up, and wake up fast
Or else your race, is a thing of the past
You're a closet coward
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You're one of a kind
You don't speak your views
You don't speak your mind
You sit and let the world pa** by
Never say a word, you're living a lie!
Why are you so blind?
Why can you not see?
Keep your blood pure
Keep your race free
Stand up stand tall
Restore White Pride
Don't just sit there
And let your values hide!

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