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Aggressive Force - It's Ok To Be White lyrics

Taught to feel guilty
As a young white man
Because your forefathers
Fought to protect their land
Taught to feel guilty
Of the whole White race
That your history is tainted
A big f*ckin' disgrace
Now that you are older
Let the truth be told
It's okay to be proud and
It's okay to be bold and......
It's okay to be White
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Strength through pride
You have inside
It's okay to be White
It's okay to be White
Loyalty within you
Have with your kin
It's okay to be White
Told about atrocities Six million Jews
Really it was the holohoax
Propaganda for the evening news
Told about atrocities
One hundred years
Forced slavery and don't forget
The trail of f*ckin' tears!

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