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AfroGum - TheyLoveArii Diss Track lyrics

Everyone that tried me, they caught an L (caught an L)
You about to feel what Taylor felt (Taylor felt)
'bout to spit these flames on her right now (damn)
Your talent, non-existent like your eyebrows (damn!)
Did you play with fire and they burned off? (ya)
Do they have a switch and you turn 'em off? (turned 'em off)
Water your eyebrows so they start growing (growing)
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If you got talent, then it's not showing (nah)
You're a bootleg Ariel, you're not as big (you're not as big)
You watch her every move and copy it (then copy it)
She'll always be above you, should probably quit (probably quit)
How you got 3 million for moving your lips? (how?)
Lookin' through your Instagram, I was surprised (I was surprised)
I thought Mona Lisa came back to life (back to life)
Same pose, tongue out, trynna catch some flies
I got a question, was this roast still dry? (this roast still dry?)

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