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Aether Realm - Winter's Grasp lyrics

Without the fire
And the path from which we strayed
The cold begins to bite and I begin to fall prey
To the winter, I feel his icy hands upon my neck
Unearthly sounds echoing all around
As the wolves begin to circle for the k**
The corpses of their victims strewn across the snow
Their eyes reflecting the stars they cannot see

Blinded by a swirling light
Drop to your knees and pray
for your life

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Surrounded by ice and snow, the frozen winds around you blow
You'll be dead before you stand, the gods have turned their backs

A force this great not seen for a thousand years
Leaving nothing in it's wake
All will fall into the maw
of terror cloaked in white
Engulfing all til hunger's satisfied
You won't escape the winter's grasp

Just bare your skin
Accept your fate
Lie down and wait
There's no escape

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