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Aeternus, who claim to be "true dark metal," hail from the cold and rainy town of Bergen, Norway. Combining the raw sound of black metal with the deep vocals of d**h metal, Aeternus manage to maintain some originality in the crowded metal scene of the new millennium. Founding member Ares (ba**/vocals), a former live and session member of the infamous Immortal, joined up with drummer Vrolok and keyboard/ba** player Morrigan in 1996 to form the first incarnation of Aeternus. They signed to Hammerheart records the same year and released Beyond the Wandering Moon, their debut, in early 1997. That same year the band was invited to tour with black metal legends Emperor and Limbonic Art. After their return they released the EP Dark Sorcery followed by their second album ...And So the Night Became. Guitarist Radek joined the band, and with a second guitarist their 1999 release Shadows of Old showed a faster d**h metal-oriented sound that strayed slightly from the black/folk style that is heard on their earlier releases. In 2001 Aeternus greeted fans with two more releases, the EP Burning the Shroud and a full-length album, Ascension of Terror. ~ Kevin Odle, All Music Guide

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