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Aesop Rock - All In All lyrics

He's a Maniac. Maniac
All in all in all in all in all
All in all ...

All star navigate blood-bath circuit...circuit
All city wolf pack'll arm all servants...service
All and all cut from similar scissors and surgeons...circus
All machines murder if the herders merked nervous...nervous
In around em all in all out pedigree centipede maladjusted curb purge all binge
All out a machine with cog misalignment - shooting star

Eight-ball all alien appendage out his cookie jar

These are not his office hours
What he coughs is mandatory
Three obnoxious hawks and howlers
Roughly buff the categories
Twenty broad shoulders, all sober, all circuit-prowler
And matador electric tongue stung at sergeant markers sour
Who the f**, needle Jux property
Chickens've all been
Soaked under the water works, all other birds evolve with me
Duck and a phoenix and rout behemoth architecture out the jungle
Where my condors can reorganize their numbers

All day pool party in journalism Zion
And bazooka flash the grin she decorate the closest Nikon
Bazooka flash the molars decorate the close Minoltas
Canon Ha**elblad quicker than Polaroid exposures

If open voltage leads all funny play tip the fuddy duddy f** long come on
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Get your stolen drums on
All of y'alls all dumb out pimping art like a whore's beach
And all of y'alls all couldn't rap your way out of a card-board box
Get high now, solidify your zone
And let the medallion of spiritual accomplishments keep growing

Oh snagglep**y getting pushy mushing dirt up in the gears like
Aesop Rock is all ears

All in together now
Dear lord holler at me
All i know is hell is down and god don't cover doctoral fees
No phases all over civility like greased-up baby groins
But I will not stand for the flipping of a weighted coin

s** we are the new now colony all mangy-like
Radar for the crazy oink
Keep winning for later joint

All for one and one for all and justice for all and fiddlin' with dead mice
Only toughens the claws, my all systems go will be perceiving dystopian civil war
Steal a meal to the last tickle in your jaw
All clammy all-state labor day committee folk
Got busy worker ants intimidate the sitting duck

And that my good people is my piece
All in one manual
There's only one in all the shaking hands you do

I'll trade the pound for pennies opus, I don't need it
f** now look y'all heed it

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