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Ady B - Know I lyrics

[Verse 1]

Since fifth grade I've been trying to give my life a shape
Was raised by mistakes no happiness
Momma was crying and the skies were grey
Absolutely nothing, could make her show a happy face
Everything we could've done was hope and pray for better days
Making something out of nothing is the hardest phase
On a different way, to escape out of this maze, it's just
That I've been wasting so much time for so long
I just learned to hit the bong, get the money on my own
Listening to Pac kept my motherfucking head up
Was fed up, no father figure but I've taught myself to step up
Shave and recognize cats who were fake
For gods sake I might take a couple shots today, nah
I'm not really about it but inside man I'm dying
And every time I cry I disguise it with my elan, lying
On the floor like a dead body with no enthusiasm for living life
Am I alive or just breathing?
Music is my only remedy and nothing could basically
Erase the phrase that's tatted in my memory
After a dark night man there's a brighter day after that
That's why I thank the lord every time I pray
All of the catastrophes I've witnessed, that's a blasphemy
For me there's just no other way to say any suggestive things
The only thing I can do is writing songs
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And music is the only way to get my mind wide open
You unleashed the beast capish? I make the moves for me
And my familia they turned Ady to a machine
I mean why giving up while there's so many opportunities
You usually don't recognize or apply usefully
So now truthfully why don't you simply take a second
To calm down look around man, avoid depression
Loud lawyers they be repping my spirit
They be hitting me as I hard as I hit y'all with my lyrics

[Hook x2]

Gotta make my momma proud take it on another level
Leave the past behind following them instrumentals
Staying steady getting ready, proving my potential
Intellectually thinking, ruling with the pencil


Know I
Gotta put enough work in
Make sure my plan is working
Yeah gotta give my people back
I won't stop until my momma quit her job you know

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