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Ady B - Get It (feat. Dyemond Lewis) lyrics

[Verse 1: Ady B]

Under-appreciated, underrated, underestimated
Why you livid? How you living?
That lifestyle morbid you replaced the morphine
With the gas blowin you out of your orbit
Got an extraterrestrial flow like you came straight from outer space, it's time to evacuate this place
Imagination is psychedelic
It's not what I was expecting back then as a kid when I thought I would become a jake
Fuck a cop without a Glock they wouldn't be playing
Anyway I gotta tell you we ain't rocking any bands in our pockets yet
You're champagne popping ridiculously be rocking that
Louis while you starving, shit
Owning shit you can't afford thinking you the shit
Y'all ain't shit, gotta copy the next
Everybody be biting each other's style, each other's personality
I can't trust any face cause I know they all the same
That's why my circumference is small today
I can show you how to be a winner
How to handle all them gold diggers
They showing me them doors the couldn't and wouldn't open theirselves
Getting expelled is something normal when you're constantly getting repelled
I gotta spit it how I live it
Love it? You gotta get it how I serve it

[Hook: Ady B]

You gotta get it how I serve it
You gotta get it just the way I serve it
Get it how I serve it
You gotta get it how I serve it
Get it, get it, get it, get it
Get it how I serve it

[Verse 2: Ady B]

Lemme get that shit one more time blood
Listen, look
Now find somebody with a stronger accent
A gringo with possession over circumspection
The lack of empathy really ain't to question
They get but don't give back oh that misconception
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Know that, reality is just a false perception
Alive or just breathing oh that misconception
Y'all playing huh
Best believe that I can do it though
Everybody asking "Ady B man where that money go?"
Everybody be complaining bout the money which is mine and I'm investing in that music shit
Nah I ain't selling dope, anymore
Drug money but I never overdosed
Whatever will happen I just know I gotta get it yo
Get it, get it, get it
Know I gotta get it yo

Aight Dyme get these motherfuckers man 47 what up

[Verse 3: Dyemond Lewis]

Fuck you and everything you stand for
Know you rolled put a lit on it jack
Why you scared to get up and get it yo riddle me that
I spoke to god and he put the battery in my back
I want the cheese so I learn how to cook with the craft
A mac with cheese a lil gangsta to match
I'm a old soul with a gold mind
You don't understand what that's like
No ?? just ?? and catch up at midnight
I got the right to be confident
Maybe far just me and my accomplices
And some witnessers
And motherfuckers that don't deserve but want some credit
Baby hold it down while I had it hard no viagra
But look at me for once and done be looking at the camera
I'm just being blunt like what's in my hand
Inhaler since the freedom exhale to my asthma
And the hotbox like I smoke screen
The window stay rolled keep the poison out
Smoke loud just to keep the white noises out
I ain't racist in fact I love white faces
I keep a safe full of it homie just in case
Save it for a rainy day that's the umbrella
I'm over they heads they stay under the weather
Focus more and you'll have less issues
That's why I keep it locked like palm ??

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