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Ady B - Fata Morgana (feat. Zikki) lyrics

[Verse 1: Ady B]

Melancholic melodies, a fata morgana
Real recognize real they really trynna holla
When they making stupid promises speeches overextended
The system is the matrix and freedom is restricted
Overwhelmingly crazy, lucid their acts is ruthless
Credulous minds know this ever since I became a nuisance
To them motherfuckers, my third eye keep flexing
Can't you see they be spreading hate to create hatred
Man they rely, on us we the radical the D.I.V.I.N.E
Do they see I, I've had enough of that g, I'd flee I
Man I can't stand you, mindfreak y'all some Chris Angels
Is it really worth the struggle ask my motherfucking pencil
Ask me how I managed losing importance to people
Notice thought I'm clearly losing myself up in omnipotence
Oh y'all don't get that? Yeah it's pretty paradoxical
This modern day slavery surely is an obstacle
It surely is an obstacle
It surely is an obstacle

[Hook x2]

(What's going on what's happening?)
(What's going on what's happening?)
(What's going on? What's going on?)
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(What's going on what's happening?)

One love but different lanes
Times tough but we maintain
Eyes low trynna forget things
Plenty bullets but no names

[Verse 2: Zikki]

I'm stuck inside this loop I got no chance to fucking get out
Uncle Sam'll beat the shit out you for thinking you gon dip out
When this system needs his guinea pigs to live experimental
We just animals in cages, we just numbers with no faces
They divided us with races, label white people as racist
Label black people as dangerous, we just fighting entertaining
Trynna sell us on how great this country was but since we made it
We build plantations on graves and never payed no reparations
We got muslims catching hatred if they step inside a plane
We think that's the foreign and turbans that'll murder everything
And that's the way we're supposed to think if we gonna keep this country free
Don't have compassion for your brothers, motherfuck a refugee
It doesn't matter if they're kids or women
If they ain't in America then let them deal with terrorism
Turn a cheek don't care for them

And Trump got me worried I always thought he was joking
And now it's looking like he's bout to be the fucking potus

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