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Ady B - Crack Music (feat. Dell Byrd) lyrics

[Verse 1: Ady B]

Yo, I keep it lit until I'm burnt out
That purple fume got me meditating no doubt
Can't find a way out, rap tunes that jazz and blues man that's my work out
It ain't no Wild'N'Out but we still chilling we wilding out
I'm on point with these syllables
Non alcoholic I'm skyllaholic no star clout tho
Just a small fish in the deepest sea
Keeping them conversations shorter then apostrophes
Sweeter then the maple syrup that's on your pancakes
Ain't nothing new, attitude Ye but man that mood Drake
I better drive slow so I don't need to push the brakes
No jakes in sight means that I'm safe I'll save that suitcase
Crack spit, it's real so I better start skipping
Every chick that's well known for that dirty kitten
And man these bitches they will never catch me slipping
Like I won't catch a disease and I'm smoking on they Jamaican


Seeing is just like living in a jail cell except there's nice and comfortable
And there does not seem any need to leave
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The door is wide open until it's slammed shut
You don't even realize that you're in a jail cell, all you know is that you're satisfying your selfish desires, all you want
You're satisfying your pleasures
You're doing everything breaking all the rules

[Verse 2: Dell Byrd]

Funky Man on the beat
Ady B what's good?
Red eye flights on them red eye nights
That sky vodka got me feeling like a Jedi night
So I might just be across of mace meets Mace Windu
Two better then one so I told her bring her friends too
They taking all them Vicodins like flintstone vitamins
I'm sticking to the liquor, I'm already englightening
I don't need the percs or xannie bars for my bars
My third eye flexing I've been getting hella reps
And then they say if you out in these streets you better use protection
I ain't talking no erection but the Magnum is the preference
Fuck gold rapping I've got goals of going platinum
I've got goals of going ghost on these niggas in a phantom
And shit maybe I'm just drunk right now
But imma still turn this red cup upside down and pour up
I think I'm bout to throw up, fuck

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