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Ady B - Three Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1: AdyB]
Yo everything I do, don't match my appearance and it's true
I don't even f** with you goofy goons
These tracks will make you run like a looney toon
Tony with this sh**, you can't f** with these groovy tunes
Yeah yeah, this that street sound right here
Big white T and some fresh white Nike airs
It's all a dream and we living a nightmare
I'm trynna make a living off of things you might not dare
To do, at 15, I was moving dope
Until I had to settle down, but keep the hustle on the low
I never let nobody know
Thought I was grown so I decided to work and make the regular dough
The only paper I was stacking, resumes and CVs
And nah, I ain't no gangsta and this ain't a make believe
Bunch of grimy thoughts, not trynna go back to tossing
But finally leave the nest and then move in my own apartment
You talking like a b**h, homie, ain't you tired of barking? Take a loss and, even awake you sleep walking
See my homies hustle everywhere no matter where we at
From Germany to New York, to Cali and back
I've been dancing with the devil, now I know Lucy well
She the diamond in a bezel and your friend in this hell
You live a good life why you trynna get acquainted then
And get to playa hating, the only act you consider in

[Hook: AdyB]
All that fake sh**, I hate it
I cannot relate, don't wanna get integrated
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You twisting sh** up like you trynna get it braided
You acting real tough until it's time to demonstrate it
(Lord Lord) Lord talk

[Verse 2: Flee Lordy]
New grams on a old scale
Blow a chopper for mobsters moving coke whales
Taking sips for my grippers with them long noses
We all soldiers on a mission with a strong focus
When I'm on the set they try crowd a n***a
Tour clothes four oz like a Audi n***a
Big bar gang make it cloudy n***a
Then make it rain till it's green all around a n***a
In a V Twelve with a ten piece
I been Flee like gators on a pimp feet (yeah)
Had a hunnit sale on tenth street
And he been copping every day for like ten weeks
But I'm still in the booth tho
With new flows for them riders in the two do's
Picking beats while u lying to a few hoes
Two shows in Berlin with the new bros
For the love of hip hop homie
I walk around the city with the whip wop on me (whip wop)
Take a picture of the movie in the making
Showing love to the plugs, blowing uzi at the haters (brr)

[Outro: Flee Lordy]
"Yeah, AdyB. We working LORD. From Germany to the Rot."

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