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Advocates - The Bitter End lyrics

I've been feeling so hollow since you left
Its not the same without you here, miss every moment I spent in bliss
I f**ed it all up, I let you down and now I'm all alone please come back!

Everything has fallen apart, curse my cold and empty heart wish we could go back to the start when we were a family
I'm so sorry for the way things turned out, I never meant to hurt the ones that I love
And now I'm just fighting to survive on my f**ing own why can't I find a way to make this right again

I'm fighting to make sense of all of this
What more can I say, I realize I'm a f**ing burden, I lost my cool you couldn't even get a word in
I am a shell of who I used to be
Give me back the life I had I'd trade it all for you
I haven't slept , my mind it keeps me up at night I'm struggling with the fact that your gone
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I've got to find a way to get you back

Caught in an endless cycle, abusing substance when lifes too hard to handle
I've been afraid of change, my mind has been made, I'm a sick motherf**er, its best just to stay away

Tell me! How can I see light when this darkness persists?
It's consuming my life
Expectations have never been so high, oh god I feel like my time here is up

Backtracking my thoughts to a place where I felt wanted
Sitting in silence, left to dwell in my own f**ing mind
Its becoming apparent, this ever present malevolence has got me looking to heaven despite
The fact that I'm barely f**ing alive

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