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Advocates - Martyr lyrics

Stuck inside a system fuelled by reckless intent
You are a slave to the fiction that's inside of your head
Wisen up kid, and think for yourself
Make one more wrong move and I'll drag you to hell

When you bow you f**ing head at night, praying for a better life
Hoping someone will fix it all
Just know that I'll be standing right behind
Cursing every single line
You're the sheep, I'm the wolf in disguise

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I'll burn the words In which you confide
Tear out the pages and set it alight
I'll make a martyr out of you yet

Bruised and broken, this is how I react

Back up, I'm about to lose my mind and self destruct
Not a single word that you can say will ever be enough
You're a coward and you know it
Come face to face with me and I'll show it
Your mind was always weak, now it's time to face reality

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