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Advocates - Detriment lyrics

My patience for your kind is wearing thin
You egotistic piece of sh**, look at the mess you're in
Yeah, I think you'll find that I'll talk back
Trapped capturing the moment in a flashback
What, you make me sick so you better think quick or else watch me turn this round

How do you sleep at night?
I pray you toss and turn restless, dead inside
Just f**ing open your eyes
You hide behind a facade built up of your f**ing lies

Am I making any f**ing sense at all
Can you feel the hate inside my bones

Day in day out we see no change in your heart
It's time to take the blame for the mistakes you made you'll probably burn in hell before I ever give a f** about you

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You thought you knew but you didn't so shut the f** up and listen
You know nothing about me

I told you time and time again, your nothing more than a snake with no chance
And now I know you know that I'm on to you, I'll f**ing cut you down right where you stand

One year on and I still just don't care
You have a pointless existence that's so hard to bear
If you think that the tables are turning
Look around see your world that is burning
Small minded, desperate and eager to take the throne

Will you ever see the bastard you've become?
Will you ever stand tall and look back at me?
Practice what you preach!7

I'm done playing around your really testing my patience!

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