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Advocates - Destructive Tendencies lyrics

Pull me under but hold me close
I wanna feel the beating of your chest
I am f**ing delusional without you!

My concience is slowly eating me alive
I tried to run, tried to hide
How can I let go and leave this all behind
Somethings got to give

Look me dead in the eyes, tell me you can't feel this too?
My head is a mess, can't shake this f**ing unrest, in the end it was always you

My indecisions have led us to this
A broken home, I've got nothing left
Pick me up and piece me together
Quit making a fool out of me
Its time I took what's mine
And mend all the bridges that I've burned in time

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What can I do? My tired bones have always led me to you
You're to afraid to speak
Im fighting back the urge to say I told you so

It's like pulling the teeth from my head
Trying to get through to you will f**ing k** me in the end. This house was once our home
Now all that stands is the fractured remains we walk upon

My conscience is slowly eating me alive
Wide awake I've been
Counting days, pa**ing time out of my mind
Will I ever mend

My hollow body, can't take much more of this pain. I'm sorry I could never give you what you need. You hold the knife, now f**ing sever the ties
End it all set us free, then chase what you seek

Suffice to say that I loved you all the same
But you tore my heart out
That's not to say I never hurt you myself

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