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Advocates - Choke lyrics

Appease my mind again, you never really thought you'd get away in the end, did you?
You've said all that needs to be said, complacent in the fact you know that you deserve to be dead

Stop fronting, start running. Sick and tired of the poison you spit
I'll slit your throat and watch you bleed, take pleasure while i watch you drown in it

Nothing but a burden to the world, I'll f**ing take you out
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I don't know, just who to believe everybody's got a secret to hide and i am over being lied to

I've done my best to speak nothing but the truth, you're there spinning lies for the ma**es
Aren't you afraid that somebody like me will expose all that you really are?

I'm gonna find my own way back, I don't need your help
My angers building at the sight of you, just get the f** out
Now that I'm free of the walls you built its time for me to go home

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