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Advocates - Trophies lyrics

Raised by wolves and never cared for
Suddenly they changed, everyone is different
Why would you defy me? I'm in way over my head
Will we ever see the day of an honest opinion
And not just some flattery?
On my own I built my way out of nothing
I will let you know when the lies you have lead impact me
Or make me a different man
At the end of the day, I'm still me
And I'm not going away; you've done this once
So how am I the fake?

We won't be the ones who denied you
Pushing away everything I wanted
Don't trip, grow up and move forward
Just pray to god that we don't find you
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We are the ones who came away with the answers on our own
We are the ones who came away with the answers on our own

I swear I've heard it a million times before
"It will get worse before better"
Sometimes it's maybe sometimes it's never

Day in, day out I'm starting back where I began
I need a moment to step back and my find myself
Before you put me inside of your trophy case

This is your last chance to thank me
I'm not waiting for anything again
You can't look back if you wanna move forward
In the end you'll be playing the victim

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