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Advocates - At War with Wolves lyrics

So I'm back to where I started, living my life as a dream
Contemplating if I move on or just give in
Blame it all on me, I am the enemy
The alter ego of my friends and my family
This will be the end, a new beginning
Don't underestimate what is yet to come and what the truth has sung

Day by day we are haunted, thoughts dragging us under
Give me something to keep my head above water
All I can do is think of how to get myself out alive

I'll let you know that you might have outsmarted us
But times have changed and we'll be taking it back for once
We are the soldiers, we are the keepers
And we will rise up to beat this

In the distance, I see the march of man
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Ad not the diamonds he feasts upon, are you with me?
We'll take the king and put him in his f**ing place
We'll take the king and put him in his place

What will you do when the hunter becomes the hunted?

Standing alone while you speak out of turn
I listen wondering when this will become my concern
When will I learn, when will I free myself of these problems?
This is my lesson; teach me piece by piece
I realized there's nothing left for me
I look down and see nothing, I cant believe these are my memories
Faded, washing their way out to sea, I'm back to living my life as a dream

I built up walls of regret, I was the architect
Life's no longer something that I try so f**ing hard to forget
I've been searching for days

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