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Adventurer - Tetra Hydro Cannonball lyrics

You left me burning, I'm turning into smoke
At least you breathe me in, just let me in
And my instincts telling me, that I'm suffering, that I'd be nothing without her
But at least you let me in, at least you let me in

Get high off me. Break me up and do whatever you please
Get high on you. Smoke you til you're ash, let the high ensue

Meet up at the park again. Walk around for hours, but we're only friends
I want to believe that you wouldn't leave when I rest my hand on your leg
Fast forward to the end of the evening. I can't breathe, but my hearts still beating
Oh. What will I do?

I'm cynical, but you're damn you're predictable
You're clouding up my mind
She's lighting up her cigarette. I'm trying not to look so obvious, I know
Word's travel from the back of my lungs, but always fall short of the tip of my tongue
I'll slowly fade away

You k** me slowly. My heart is beating through my chest
I could tell by the look in your eyes, you were thinking about you and I
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And she said to me, "I was only being honest."
She said to me

Lie to me, I'm not listening
This went up in flames, and now I'm blowing out smoke rings
I know now there's better things to do
I want to tell you the truth
I'm growing quite tired of this lack of friction
I could care less what's fact or fiction
Tell me everything that you want me to do
I'll put you out if you want me to

Drifting away in my thoughts
I'm not listening nearly enough to pretend that I heard what you said
I'm not a part of anything
My instincts telling me, how high I'll be, when you're turning into smoke
But at least I let you in, I let you in

She had me singing all night long. It feels so good to be this wrong
I'll try my best to hide my flaws. I'm filled with pure elation
And even though we're slightly sedated, a one night stand seems over-rated
I'll come again tomorrow. I'll come again tomorrow

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