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Adult Swim - Born To Be Wine lyrics

Meet the deformer at the mouth of a cave
Living now in [?]
Fine leather chairs
A selection of quality beers
Created by dark practices

In the murk, grasping his shirt collar he whispers in your ear
He said three times:
"I believe I cannot fly"

I was born to be wine
I was
Born to be wine

Past interviewer
Online interrogator
What truly scares you?
Something crawling in my ear
False words fall from my mouth
You, there, front row!
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Waking up alone
A crowd of like-minded people
A gang of youths approaching
What lives beneath the ocean?
You, there, front row!

[?] cars, wide eyes
Other people's desires
My desires
You, there, front row!

Stunning reversals
Technology and its malcontents
Nature beyond borders
Insects laying eggs in corners
You, there, front row!

I was born to be wine
I was
Born to be wine

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