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Adult Swim - Bomaye lyrics

Young Purple

[Verse 1]
And we from where them people call the peoples on
Steady buying crosses, trying to keep the reapers off us
As if diamonds could keep them demons off us
Cold world, but that block is scorching
And we still bending corners
Crack the windows and smell the weed aroma
They sold us crack and made us sell it for 'em
We sold it back and then they jealous for it
We hit them windows while you sleeping on us
Cold world, but we got heaters on us
Now that I got your attention, I'm the only young boy to the big homie should mention
Gold crosses, keeping it Christian
Dressed like I just came over for Christmas
Yes, Young Purple come and live for the kitchen
Get my hands dirty whipping, but I still do the dishes
Red bottoms, Christian sh**
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Cold world, but who hotter than this?
We keep it real as it get

Is that all [?]? What do you mean is that all? Of course it isn't all [?], ha, there's a lot more songs on the other side. Will somebody turn this over please? Thank you.

[Beat Change]

[Verse 2]
Look at your chain it's a chain reaction
Cover a slave in platinum, that shiny plat's will distact him
He'll sell his soul and his masters, market him to the ma**es
We never could understand how real savages did their damage
We pull up in coops and then hop out the doors and roofs
And then let off at all your troops, I got soldiers and new recruits
I got shawties that's through the roof that'll k** if we tell 'em to
Man we living through everyday with they showing you on the news, dude
So stop saying what you would do if you had a gun and then someone decided to shoot at you
And you where I'm from and had all the same factors influence you
And you tried to practice your straight, but these n***as making you choose
Between dying today and then laying dead in the street
And not seeing your kids again and then watching your mama weep
But just bucking back at that n***a when sh** get hot in the streets
Man the most responsible answer seems evident here to me
Young Purple

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