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Adult Swim - Asari Love Song lyrics

[Verse 1]
You ain't gotta be scared of me
You want to get caught in my singularity
Can't bear to look away for a minute
I know you're shy but why
I'll take you high
Your face is so white
Hey, it's alright, I got you

Got my own dimension
You look like a perfect specimen
Best of them
Take you to my heaven
Come and be my vessel
I see your potential
It's electric
It's so electrical

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[Verse 2]
We can zoom, I'll give you tunnel vision
Universal love, you see the moon and the sun
And feeling little in the middle
Of the supernova
Wonder if it's real and safe
Boy it's okay, I got you


These stars, they shine and light your face
I'll give you a taste of the magic
These stars, they shine in through that window
Our love's intergalactic

I got you


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