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Adot - Sly lyrics

Rap Acid
Blacker than bible factions
Factor out weaklings with a tad gap in attraction
Sad distraction to life if you matching a**ets
Words the fags get
When I accept the past tense
Rags fit those who dream rich
And the lines for the fifth
And the rhyme is the filth
Time for the film
Bind all the Gems find if they real
Condense the feel
Chosen to k**
Nine set to deal
Frozen since the last time my jaws were left open
Broken Rap game somebody call the pros in
I must be weak cause I left out the word scopin'
It's hoes in and they chosen to dome him
Garbled all his seeds like they owe him
Carpel she going
Harvard she knowin'
Harbor the moment
Tar bars when it's spoken
What the f** do I know?
I'm only 18 but the bars leave my scars on the scene
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It's hard and obscene, so far left to dream
And it's hard to get gleam
Beam fiends out the ring cause they f** up this thing
And I f** up my fees, cup left to the lean
Naw naw I'm a king
Tarnish all the streams with words they left unseen
And you know I'm supreme jeans losing seems
From skating in the street, Hard to get a plate
When n***as trying to eat
Feast on all the beats, beast all on the beats
Calling coffin companies for all of the f**ing damaged teens
Alter reality on the altar
Speaking words that you never practice like you falter off
Songs that remind you of your father it's all a hidden
Monster brought back by the songster
Cough then crawl on the beat
Cause I'm king of this sh**
King when I reach
Ace to the League
Replace all these (uhh...)
Taught tall men to listen
And that's all she had written
n***as saying I'm not bright you could Fly a Kite
Get the f** up out my sight

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