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Adot - Run! lyrics

How you want it
how you need it
i don't ever ask
i receive it
whiskey in my flask
i'm the flash
see me zoom
everybody know me when i step room
she a pretty flower
austin powers
make her bloom
baby i'm a wolf
howling at the moon
swoon all the girls
you can step into my world
move with my tools
just incase you need a fix
ricks rafs
all i had was 6 bucks
now i keep my head blue
show you what that bread do
spend it like it's nothing
cannot deal with f** sh**
i could deal the cards
imma star in a maze
all yellow babes
often amazed
never seen this sh** before
it all feel same
run it up again
running through my system
got this
codeine in my veins
i don't care for fame
feel like william h
in a different state
flip like reciprocals
i rummage for that cake
almost got em baked
cannot show my face
n***a talking shaky
anti break em like vase
home plate
f** a home base
vlone he's a clone
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he just copy
box em out
jibber jabber leave em rocky
boa u chicken seen u running acting
never stop me
in my zone i catch a body
maserati b**h is faster
imma zombie
but she love my drive
rather stay outside
i be with the team
what's a enemy?
she was into me
you just envy me
i'm masterpiece
cost too much to paint with me
final fantasy
always chasing dreams
what i'm chuggin pink
im too clever
need a register to speak
everytime i talk remember
who you see
all my diamonds floss
my dental cost a fee
diamond in the rough
found me in the mud
while i'm sipping mud
i don't give f**
i'm weaving back and forth
i just want some more

run it run it run it
run it run it run it
run it every single
thing i want it
run it run it run it
blue up in my face i
need them hunnids
run it run it run it run it
cant you see i'm up to something
run it run it run it run it
b**h just with me never cuffin
running running running
how you get here came from nothing

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