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Adot - Reflection lyrics

I f**ed up hahaha
Ay ay ay ay
Here we go again
Never sober cause my soul
Just seem to stretch and thin
Molten how I keep the spoken silent
I convect my sins across the space
Celebrate my losses
Cause I'm grateful for the salty taste
He told me I'm just arrogant
Parish with the phonies
Copped a chain and started glaring quick
All my haters know me
Know I watch myself embarra** them
Climb and find some time to shake and bake
Like I was dodging 12
These petty people swine as hell
Don't need a watch cause time will tell
Social studies window muddy
Looking like the cup I trail
Angel hit my line but I'm too stuck in traffic
Caught in hell
Too young and dumb
Plunder where the honeys run
Ain't no time for fun
Just need my pockets looking like the sun
I'm shining ,no whining
When I conjure ,I'm confined in states that's home
Hate my phone cause the reasons
Why they condone
All the fu
Tell the truth and they still think
I'm hurting you
Whatchu mean I'm selling
Youth like its water come
Drink some too
And see my vision
Yellow finish inside of
That tinted coupe
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Ain't ya boo
We been talking but nowhere she wanna move
Say no more been here before
But that's why I'm still chasing you
Love the feeling of regret
And I'm digging how you do too
She want some pain, I serve it plain
I need the change ,too stuck to change
My luck is drained
Still folding clothes,still chasing dreams
I reign supreme Abstaining steam
Vlone my thing
Don't hear a ring
I'm off the scene
I'm off to stunt
I told I'm how bummig
Shame to say I'm turning selfish
Watch my back they fronting
These L's I take is nothing
Swing and miss my base is coming
Speaking of ya daughter
She hoping for a home run
Ask my woedies to total
The faces that keep me shunned
All I know is I'm flexing and taking potties on sons
This music got me so ruthless
Im losing grip of my gun
Taking shots in the night
And I bet you I hit and run

Don't go wasting all my time
We distorted like some vines
In a jungle
Hear me mumble
Once I tumble off the wine
Don't you call me till its
Im vlone

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