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Adot - Krown lyrics

I Just
I Just
And I just
And I just wanted the crown
Coulda drowned myself
I'm losing tempers like rounds
Keep shooting rebound the sounds I'm making
Never getting found
Shoulda just gave up
Shoulda gave no f**s
And I been stuck in the same position
Ref is opposition
Life is complicated ripping out my vocal cords
For composition compensated with hatred in my conversation
I'm always angry
And I'm always alone
People calling my phone like "where you been at?"
Same sap but my soul there
When I say rap I mean no fair
No fare meaning broke as f**
Broke as f** when I open up
Nothing left but my soul to clutch
And that sofa tough that he sleeping on
Wish he had a place to call his own
Now he everywhere he over there
Metaphor for his crazy (x2)
Metaphor for his crazy hair

Adolescence dipping
Pots to piss in always missing
I dont need no f**in' friends
Cause I got all these problems clipping
Front to back
Side to side
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How I'm feeling stay inside and if you want some f**ing
Drama flip the channel please subscribe
And I don't know you n***as
Never owe you n***as
I might become moses n***a
Part my heart the coldest figure
Rummage through my disposition
Taunt myself like hold my mirror
See myself like Peter's dose of venom
Fold my image like...

Function strictly off weeds and a scythe
n***as in the dark like we weeds in the night
Come pluck
Cause we looking for your girl to come fight
Come f**
I'm just ready for the world turning x2


Repetitious repeating reasons for reaping
And sowing i'm hoping to branch
Knowing this sh** is grants
Who chosen to have the pants
Thoughts looser than n***as pants
Boosting my ego dancing with satan
Come join my mans
Rudiments sweating glands
Music fruitless toucan
I'm quoting couplets with friends i'm colder
Come fusion go dance
Hold my hoover my dam
Is rotten I need a friend
But none of that sh** exists in a n***a who gripping pens

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