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Adot - HB16 lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Wave]
Jay Wave hopping on, about to go hard
HB yeah we raise that bar
JBB in the Backseat, but we whipping that car
Swipe swipe buy this and that, no limit to the card
Uh, Kodak Black skrt skrt that car
253, yeah we going so far
Flow so hot I left the beat charred
HB coming up outta Torren's backyard
We eat so much, you think that we starved
Hit you with a one two now you see stars
Hit another one two now you at Mars
Lil Uzi said that he rocking Goyard
Hit you with DO DO DO now you scarred
Girls super wet that I need a life guard
Pause, wait hold up I ain't done
You know me k**ed this beat just for fun
First time on a track had to give y'all some
Got to call her conehead cause she acting dumb

[Verse 2: Sunny-C]
All summer sixteen
All summer HB
Litness guaranteed
Out with the crew at the beach swimming like a manatee
Best out in Tempe

[Verse 3: T-Bake]
So you know it's T-Bake
So you know I'm going in
Ain't babysitting, but my kids on her chin
Handing out L's, but I'm only taking wins
k**ing this track just like I'm Albertsons
Running this district, but we still young
Hold up wait, swear we some thugs
HB went in twice then ran off the plug
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Growing up in AZ, repping my colleagues
Shout out to the main B that's Matty Holly
Your girls bumping this, yeah we her new jam
Pa** it off to Adam, my nicknames cam

[Interlude: Adot and Sunny-C]
"Y'all ready for this?"
"Uh no"

[Verse 4: Adot]
I'm posted up with your chick
She lowkey looking juicy thick
Drinking Hi-C, and that's no sip
Y'all copy us, but that's a tea sip
Better keep up cause I'm moving quick
Flow looking cold but I'm not sick
Making headlines, we're so big time
Even got Bclark banging my line
Other rappers better watch what you do
k**ed marks boys, we ain't scared of you
You know just how we come and do
Aim, pop pop pop pop, reload
You know I'm going in with all these flows
Your main chick is my new side hoe
And that's word to my guy jbo
Your moms a fan, so you know we getting blowed
I'm rapping this but I'm double cup slowed
Y'all are trash but we the goat
Ay saucing and flossing and tossing and bossing
Gave me head so long that I left your girl coughing
Had to go off but I don't do this often
Running Tempe and you know that we popping
Sipping that lean, boy that's double cup
Play HB cause yeah we bump
Raised the bar so we making you jump
Keeping it a hundred, boy that's what's up

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