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Adot - Circles lyrics


(everythings kind of)
It's all, It's all too, It's all too ---

[Verse 1: Adot]

Runnin records on these n***as
Open message to these n***as
I'm the best, you detest
I progress, only livin
No see dissin, cause im winning
No time left, to leave
No rhymes left, rhyme theft
Lines leave the fine s** minds
Get declined if you behind, open minds
Guess who the kids, guess who we is
Ace is after peers, apreal(?) ???
Recking laws, reachin recking balls
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With some jerkers, naw b**h
Swaggin on these hoes
Since them daddy left a message
Here the child in you bitter
Batter up, cause we give no f**s
Coldest spoken since bethoven
Knowing he can focus
Talk sh**, got this, stalk a b**h
Pockets, lift off, rockets
Interupt, then we call leaving n***as on they jaws
Hoping that we get the gauze
Locked in the spot
Call the doc
Mind is dropped, pops missing lots
And we stopping up
These n***as not hopping off the hip
Doccin in the -----

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