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Adonis - On Her lyrics

[Verse 1]
Oh, usually I don't feel this pain
Unless you got me in a different place
Acting like it's all good, when I know that I would
Control her body like I used to do me if I could
And I know she see it on my face
And that's why she stay playing games
This good girl acting bad, when I'm tryna back off of that
But she's like graveling man she keep on pulling me back

I don't want to get involved with her
But the moment we touch, I know I'm going down
On her, on her, on her, on her
On her, on her, on her, on her
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Baby I'm trying not to fall to the trap
And relax, but her body's calling me back
On her, on her, on her, on her
On her, on her, on her, on her

[Verse 2]
See I know she's tryna wear me down
And all this grinding's really wearing me out
I think I'm not on break, how much more can I take
Cause best believe I'm still a man, I do you another day
And my homies think I'm such a fool
For turning down, making love to you
But I've been there before, don't wanna open that door
That's like that door is boxed to the top, make sure that it stays closed

[Refrain x2]

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