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Adonis Shropshire - Goodbye lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Am I supposed to put my life on hold
Because you don't know how to act
And you don't know
Where your life is going
Am I supposed to be
Torn apart, broken hearted
In the corner crying
Pardon me if I don't show it

I don't care if I never see you again
I'll be all right
Take this final piece of advice
And get yourself together
But either way baby I'm gone

I'm so over it
I've been there and back
Changed all my numbers
And just in case
You're wondering
I've got that new "I'm a single girl" swag
Got me with my girls
And we're singing it, sing!
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[Hook x2:]
Na na na na (hey)
Na na na na (hey)
Hey, hey hey, goodbye

[Verse 2:]
Cut my hair cause it reminded me of you
I know you like the long 'do
Had to switch my attitude up
Thinking of changing up how I ride
No more on the pa**enger's side
Too bad
You missed out on the way that I drive it

[Repeat bridge:]

[Repeat Chorus:]

Hey, he-ey
Hey, he-ey
Hey, he-ey

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Repeat hook x4:]

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