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Adolf Muchacho - Trump Music, Blunt Musin lyrics

[Hook: x3]
Shrooms, weed
Lets get jiggy widdit

[Verse 1:]
Bringing in the Swishers
Finna smoke a blunt
The herb gold n' green
So this sh** be good luck
Got my gold grill shinin'
So you I'm gettin buck
Talkin' to yo b**h
And she about to s** me up
This lady cla**y
She smell so fancy
The pieces of the puzzle
Picking up to get the pick apart
Flowing like Pica**o
Masterpiece like I'm a piece of art
Got some young blood inside
But an old soul at heart
The cops pull up on ya
They smell the marijuana
Feelin' the aroma
'Cause we boxing the Toyota
Blowin' big, supernova
Hoe we smoking double O's
Rings the size of Oreos
You just the size of Cheerios
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[Hook: x3]

[Verse 2:]
Give an octopus an octo-dose
Blunts rolled for the Pope
Burnt brain like a toast
No this is not a joke
Naughty Nadia can nod and know
Its time to go
We levitate the coast
'Cause we lookin' for the finest roast
Kamikaze, Kamehameha
With a condom on
And a yamica
Smokin' Salvia
Paint my brain like Comic-Con
I'm Bob Marley, man
Peace n' Love
So elegant
When I bust a nut
I already won
I'm a chosen one
Smoke strong with Juan Pablo
Order up some tacos
He a villain
When he spittin' mob flow
So macho
And he get jiggy with this sh**, too

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