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Adolf Muchacho - Reefer Madness lyrics

[Verse 1]
Stan motherf**er
Hit the dope to your dome
Muchacho holdin' own
With your b**h, make her moan
She never, say no
Special when we go slow
Gobble on my dick, sh**
I'm surprised she don't choke
Nobody tell me nothin'
They just frontin'
Hit her from the front and
Call her my little somethin'
Her daddy pull up
It's my sh** they bumpin'
They askin' for a photo
I just tell 'em later hoe
Take off, golden limo

[Verse 2]
They think they special
They must be mental
Eyes red, I'm evil
I am the devil
Can't reach my level
Of high in vessels
The money I blow
To take a whiff
From a spliff, so psycho
Ain't all that stressful
Got two white lesbos
Proceedin' Stanley
So fine and dandy
He butterscotch candy
The vanity begin in a green f**in' taxi

Leggo thy Eggo hoe
I been had polio
I been had polo, b**h
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Your girl call me Romeo x2

Callin' me Romeo
Callin' me Romeo
Dancin' on your b**h
And she callin me Romeo x2

[Verse 3]
Yeah, it's some next level sh**
Couldn't afford tacos
Now I'm actin' like a prick
Hoes on my dick
Never wanna leave it
I never compliment
Lemon colored gold bricks
They speak for them selves
You don't wanna start sh**
Mellow, fellow
Gold fangs on and they yellow
Bust in your crib
And your girl say "hello"
I always stay lifted
Never fall from cielo
Wrap my head around, amaze them
Come in guns a'blazin'
80 blunts I'm blazin'
Mary Jane my agent
Eyes lookin' Asian
Asian with the raisins
Now I'm purple hazin'
Benjamin rainin'
I just done came and
Changed the rap game and
Motherf**in' amen!
f** school
I ain't got no vocabulary
It's just me and Mary
Actin scary because she hairy


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