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Adolf Muchacho - Act Accordingly lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Ever since last week
Time don't seem to pa** me
Been reading my last Tweets
I don't know whats been happening
These blunts rolled so cla**y
They what's making me happy
These thoughts hara**ing me
So I stay pa**ing this Absinthe
Life seems so real
When walking in the dark
This dutch so surreal
I'm firing it up
This b**h call me Papi
Clap cheeks for King Stanley
In the end all she want
Is a little bit of lovin'

[Verse 2:]
Ok I'm pissed off
THC gone from my blood clots
Let's puff pot
We'll burn the weed stuffed in my lunchbox
My tube socks
Keep my feet dry when the top pops
Celebrate with Sake shots
The ladies tops is coming off
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Lets play this game of pretend?
Take some shrooms and find the end
To the maze we livin' in
A minotaur in labyrinths
What the f** is happenin'?
This accident lost me a friend
I was lookin for some time to spend
And now my soul is drowned in sin
We blame the Dollar bill
When we the ones
That make the Dollar bill real
It's scary sh** to think about
How much time we've got left
Instead we got dick breathes
Just worrying 'bout their prom dress
Someone pa** the doobie man
Before I feel my conscious
Blueberry hit
sh** I feel so accomplished
If ignorance is bliss
Mary Jane be my accomplice
Mary Jane a f**in' goddess
Who I got to be my compa**?
All our time's running out
And I ain't looking to plummet
King of the summit
King of the doobie too
Puff puff, thats all we do

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