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Admyn - COOL lyrics

Yung Admyn; tell these pussy niggas what gon' happen
Packets to your router was the last thing
That you seen; wonder if it was a hacking
Was it a hacking? (4x)

Java programmmers in my face they tryna get laid
I said lets make games
Maybe we can get fam-ous
Roll up on some debuggers tell em' play this
After an hour they all mention it was gay, shit
Now we back at it take the classes to the blackboard
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Niggas like Java? I'm like why you even asked for?
You know I'm code until my mother fucking kindle split in half, I'm gonna have to code a class until my fingers itch

I need a weapon so I call up Emmet's
Send a bunch of packets to you when I call up Fedex
We put the metal to your dental you sorry you sent it
We some meddling kids; kick you niggas on my penalty shit
I got my bike on Saturday you see me peddling if;
Another nigga got em' swatted on my medicine shit
Put the peddle to the metal; VHS crew;
I tell em' COOL if you trolling then I'm telling ya bitch. I'm out

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