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Admyn - COOL lyrics

Yung Admyn; tell these p**y n***as what gon' happen
Packets to your router was the last thing
That you seen; wonder if it was a hacking
Was it a hacking? (4x)

Java programmmers in my face they tryna get laid
I said lets make games
Maybe we can get fam-ous
Roll up on some debuggers tell em' play this
After an hour they all mention it was gay, sh**
Now we back at it take the cla**es to the blackboard
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n***as like Java? I'm like why you even asked for?
You know I'm code until my mother f**ing kindle split in half, I'm gonna have to code a cla** until my fingers itch

I need a weapon so I call up Emmet's
Send a bunch of packets to you when I call up Fedex
We put the metal to your dental you sorry you sent it
We some meddling kids; kick you n***as on my penalty sh**
I got my bike on Saturday you see me peddling if;
Another n***a got em' swatted on my medicine sh**
Put the peddle to the metal; VHS crew;
I tell em' COOL if you trolling then I'm telling ya b**h. I'm out

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