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Adastra - Soul Dreams (the Ghost) lyrics

This is the end, It´s your fear, It´s your poor destiny
Now you´re a ghost, full of dreams, living where you can´t live
Searching the sun, oh the light, where the rainbow is dark
Dark, in your mind, can you see?, oh this is the end
Run throught your illusions I wait you in them
Why do you believe
When your God left?

Soul Dreams
Rests of your life
Your swim on lakes
Of your loneliness
Remember, love in yesterday
Welcome my dear old friend
Welcome to hell
Sit Down in silence, sit down with me
Come with the fire, your feel
I am your guide
I am the dark
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Laments of heaven´s gate
We walked in past lifes
Months, years of wish
Why do we look behind?
Chorus 2
Soul Dreams
Rests of our life
The lakes of fire are burning us
Where are you? Why is this my grief?
Welcome my dear old friend
Welcome to my hell
-Part II: Desolation (instrumental)-
-Part III: Enchained-
Time has pa**ed
The weight of the days
I can see your fall, your memories
Now, you don´t wait pity or love
Dead Man! You are who (you) want to be
I am always with you I´m your only friend
Waiting for the moment which I left you again...

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