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Adastra - From The Dead Child Scream lyrics

Dream. Sleep. Resist, Oh, find a meaning
Son, her Child, can´t die
And why she´s blooding life?
Touching her belly, huging a pillow
That Baby´s shout resounds in her head
And she stands up,crying , She is thirsty again
Sewing pain with her hands
We´re void with bad lines
Drinking milk, leaned on hard table
Lie for me, tell me “I am with you”
Shout in pain, waiting a born baby
Many dreams, she said: “I am waiting you”
Her baby sleep,can you believe
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It´s a answer?
And she will swimm
In memories
That she won´t live...

CHORUS:Only a child rest in her mind
Blowing on water´s womb
It´s nothing to do, Mother
Wake up, dear mother
When another mountain
Erase thes days full of pain
You will eat for two, it´s a dream it´s a sin
Oh Slow dawn, poor mother, and cry over (you) fields

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