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Adastra - Aurora Borealis lyrics

Intro: Electrics shocks, magnetics fields, Aurora Borealis
Strange big and small, wide and tight
Shapes, steady movable and changing
Forms it´s (an) indescribable bewitchment being
Lights, multicolored (and) colorless
Shades a surface that is glitntering and
Mate it´s everytime changing capriciusly itself
What I see,is what I feel, when I stay,by you
I percive it in...
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Me, (I) make unpredictable movements
Inside just as
I can see when I look to
Sky this feeling is just like a natural freak

Chorus: Dawn Boreal is beating in the nothern sky, In my heart
Round you that you´re my polar star
When I see the sky, my life, the forms are changing forever
Feel is in the air, you are the wind, you are my Aurora

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