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Adam Turla - Dynamite Mine lyrics

[Verse 1]
In Dynamite Mine, your hour will come
In a shower of stones and steel beams
They'll push and they'll pull against the rock wall
And find you buried among the debris

[Verse 2]
When they search for you, the dogs will sniff him out
From a torn piece of his shirt
They'll bound down the path with lust on their breath
And find you under a patch of fresh dirt

Son, cover your ears
Lord, how the blast will ring
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And when that rumbling shakes the walls
You can hear that devil sing

[Verse 3]
You cut off the past, buried him here
Deep in the belly of the mines
Blasted the wall, sealed the tomb
Lived out those short days secure in your crime

[Verse 4]
Many years have passed, but still we trudge on
So we will until the end of our days
Many have come and many have gone
But there's one who never strays from this place

[Chorus] [x2]

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