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Adam Turla - Boy Decide lyrics

[Verse 1]
There's a son, he is born
With a silver spoon in his mouth
Go on, boy, admit
There's got to be something you love
Enough to protect
You tire of things, I know
But you've got to push on
On, on, on, on, on, on, on

Some men crave women and some men crave gold
Some folks die too young and some die too old
Some just want to pa** time with liquor and cards
Some work to the top and then some don't get far

Boy, decide
Boy, decide
You're too old to f** around and too young to die
Time to try life on for size
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[Verse 2]
Now the time it has come
To pull yourself out of the mud
And fix yourself up
Hell don't you care how you look?
Your mother, God rest her
She'd spin in her grave
If she knew what a mess you have made



[Verse 3]
You're pissing into the wind
Squandering the life you were given
Now what will you do?
You're wasting away your life
Digging a hole you can dive in-
-to when you get tired of fighting

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