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Adam Protextor - They Watchin' lyrics

[Verse 1: Protextor]
I can feel the pressure on me
From the eyes on my back
Feel like a jaguar in the dark just
Primed to attack
(it's the neighbor)
Gladys Kravitz
(across the avenue)
I've had it to half past here!
I caught ‘em at it just this afternoon!
I, uh, took a peek behind each of the blinds
3 at a time
I swear I saw black helicopters circling me in the sky
A plane leaking fluoride in a stream it was leaving behind
It's impossible for jet fuel to melt steel beams
Believe me I've tried
Leavin' the hive behind
And leaving to find your kind
Are easy to try but
People will lie to you even you get to meet eye to eye
Better let me be your guide
I know
That they keep on peeping inside
And now that I've told you that... this might be the last time you guys ever see me alive! –

[Hook: Protextor]
And when I'm tellin' all they secrets
They watchin' me!
Even when I pretend to keep ‘em
They watchin' me!
And when I'm lookin' for a reason
They watchin' me!
And when I'm in my bed sleepin'
They watchin' me!

[Verse 2: Protextor]
It don't bother me now that I'm watchin' back
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I got the apocalypse in my pocket
We used to say hollaaaaaaaaa
– but now we say follow back
I'm party to that party
In fact
The really sad part is I can't hardly detach from it I'm caught in the trap
Caught in the net like Sandra Bullock
I ain't got the gravity to drop me to land
I'm up the air
And my balloons keep on poppin' again...
I'm cool with it so long I'm squashin' a witch...
sh** sorry
Went off topic again
You say
“Look at that hipster standin' Instagrammin'”
Whatever man
You took the same exact picture with a different camera
Been there, done that
I did my damage
Sleep on a businessman like tripophan
Cuz I saw y'all slip and panic, pick yourself up quick, hopped, skipped, then tripped and
Any time I fall if I I catch myself like a lazy stuntman
Guest with your band they gonna make me frontman
NO I ain't raise no beef – I just plate the cutlets
I ain't make no beats – I just arrange the couplets
HADES does it
+ KB up in this b**h
We Brady Bunchin'
But lately TV just ain't enough fam

[Hook: Protextor]
And when I skip another ad
They watchin' me!
And when I pick another channel
They watchin' me!
And if it's Walt on Breakin' Bad
They watchin' me!
And if it's Sasha Grey's a**
They watchin' me!

[Verse 3: KB the Boo Bonic]

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