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Adam Gwon - One By One By One lyrics

Good morning! Would you like to take a-
Hi! Could I interest you in-
Excuse me! A free piece of... STOP!
This is for you
'On the road of life let no obstacle, great or small, stand in your way.'
Hi. My name is Warren
It's another day out here in the metropolis
I'm employed, as you might see, as an amba**ador
For a very very influential downtown artist whose been featured in the New York Times
This guy, he is a genius
He paints these pithy sayings all across the city
But then he got arrested cause I guess it is illegal and he hired me to watch his cat
While he's in jail

I have taken it upon myself
As someone very dedicated
To keep the artist's vision with the people on the street
Even though the artist is incarcerated

So. I made these flyers
With the sayings he once painted on the sidewalks and the walls
And one by one by one my duty calls

Good morning, sir! Wouldn't you like to brighten up your day-


Well, these were made especially, but wait- hey mister!
Ma'am take a work of art with you today
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Not today, thanks

But it's been created by a- well, screw you!
Kindness is a virtue that is oftentimes ignored
Ugh. Stop. Breathing, breathing
Channeling the energy of positive vibrations
Inviting them in one by one by one by one

Okay. Here's my frustration
The city tends to make me feel invisible
Yes, of all the superpowers it's the one I'd like to have
But it isn't very handy when you're trying to get noticed as a pioneer of visual art
I start my every morning
In the thick of all these people with my hopes and dreams restored
And one by one by one I get ignored

Ugh. It makes me wanna scream
Or write a manifesto
That declares the city void of any soul
I'd nail it to the lamppost
And shout it from the rooftops
Loud and clear
But who would hear?

Huh. Well, that's auspicious
And though surely it is not a guarantee
Maybe one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one
This whole entire city's gonna look at me

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